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Maps and Digital Data Purchases

Free GIS Digital Data

The Laramie County Assessor parcels (1/1/2020 version), the city and county street centerlines, city/town/county corporate boundary, address points, subdivision (lots, blocks, tracts), zoning districts, and our local framework (STR) datasets are now available for download. Click here

By downloading these data layer files, the user is agreeing to the terms of their use: "This map/data is made possible through the Cheyenne and Laramie County Cooperative GIS (CLCCGIS) Program and is for display purposes only.  The CLCCGIS invokes its sovereign and governmental immunity in allowing access to or use of this data, makes no warranties as to the validity, and assumes no liability associated with the use or misuse of this information. "

and Maps !!!

These free maps are made available for download and/or printing and are updated once a year. To view the most current roads, streets, zoning and other GIS data layers go to the Cheyenne - Laramie Cooperative GIS Database Search and Interactive Mapping Site click here.

Additional sources of mapping products are included in the following pricing lists:

Custom maps can be prepared by members of the GIS Program as their time allows. Send your map request with a brief description of the desired map content and size. Upon receipt the request will be forwarded to the appropriate member for review. Include contact name and phone number for followup questions.

GIS Digital Data

Additional GIS data sets created and maintained by the Program members are available for a minimal acquisition fee. Submit a data request to the Cheyenne and Laramie County Cooperative GIS Program Coordinator and a quote will be prepared for the purchaser's review. Payment is expected prior to delivery of data.

Metadata is available for your review as a resource to help in your acquisition decision. Also, check out the Interactive GIS Maps webpage for a viewing of select data sets. Are you looking for a GIS dataset specific to Cheyenne or Laramie County that is not listed? Contact us.

The GIS Executive Committee reviews the pricing guidelines at their annual meeting in January. Click here for current pricing. All map and data purchases are subject to our current Disclaimer Policy.